Emmy winning actress, Laura Linda Bradley (SURVIVING AN ACTIVE SHOOTER) trained at the prestigious NCSA before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in TV/film. Like many young actors Bradley had a desire to create her own work and opportunities. S`he started writing with no set goal other than the desire to create what she and her friends would want to watch.

Bradley’s writing took off when Amazon picked up her sketch comedy series THE LAURA SHOW in 2015. Bradley quickly became known as the honest, funny girl, creating a modern millennial fairytale. Bradley has created shows for Amazon, Funny or Die and WhoHaHa to name a few. Her most recent project MILLENNIAL COMPLEX, was a finalist in the Universal’s diversity program for young writers.

Bradley is currently working on a number of projects including a very personal one, WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH, based on the true story of the ’07 Virginia Tech massacre. She is also working on FEMALE BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION, a single cam comedy merging the quirkiness of PARKS AND REC with the sisterhood and heart of GREY’S ANATOMY. Her other project SOUTH-ISH is Semi-autobiographical. This dramedy like many others was born from a hilarious conversation where Laura was sharing stories from her childhood. While retaining her baking charms she is an independent, forward thinking female now living in LA.

There’s a piece of Bradley in all her work. Being homeschooled on a horse ranch makes for a uniquely hilarious childhood.

In the fall of ’19 Bradley was asked to screen THE LAURA SHOW and speak to members of SAG-AFTRA regarding her success as a multi-hyphenate.

Literary Representation:
Seven Stars Talent Inc
Agent: Lynda Arnold

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