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Virginia native, Laura Linda Bradley has been making audiences laugh since the tender age of three; where she first fell in love with the stage. Laura’s childhood was atypical, she was home-schooled while pursuing a career in musical theatre and dance. She attended NCSA before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in TV/Film. Laura’s credits include Station 19, Poker Face, Raymond & Ray opposite Ethan Hawke, On Call & Surviving an Active Shooter for which she won her first Emmy.

Laura’s deep respect for her creative community and heart for actors inspired her to create the What’s My Frame podcast in Spring of ’20. Now with over 100 episodes, the podcast is one of the most prolific resources for actors. Her diverse collection of guests shed light on the creative conversations and business decisions that bring to life the industry. Each episode showcases an artist’s contributions, essential in creating a collective piece of art like film.

Outside of acting, Laura dedicates a considerable amount of time to her involvement with SAG-AFTRA. Laura was first encouraged to run in the ’18 SAG-AFTRA election by her mentor Jason George (Station 19). Through her years of union service, Laura’s passion for actor rights has only grown. She currently sits on numerous national committees, contributing her insight and experiences as a young working actor to pave the way for the next generation of artists.

What's My Frame
Season 5

A Title to Turn the Visitor Into a Lead

This is your chance to emphasize why
the visitor should contact you right now.

Each episode features long-form conversations with Casting Directors, Writers, Directors, Show-runners, Costume Designers, Actors, Choreographers, & Executives/Producers.

While our industry is extremely creative, it is a business. Knowledge is power, the more actors understand the business the more they can take hat insight and focus on their craft

Featured In

On the morning of April 16th 2007 the Virginia Tech campus was forever changed. Thirty-two students and faculty were killed; seventeen were injured, and countless lives were forever changed by a single gunman. This is our story.

What happens after the news has moved onto the next headline? The next tragedy... WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH is based on the true story of one of the largest mass shootings in history. WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH spans from shortly before the campus massacre in Spring '07 to shortly after the Uvalde elementary shooting in Spring '22. This six part limited series is inspired by real events and true stories. It is written to spotlight the important and very current issues in our society surrounding gun laws and mass shootings. To fully articulate how personal everyone's experience with grief is and to fully illustrate these character's journeys; pivotal moments of our story are shown in flashbacks from each character's personal experience. WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH is written to pay tribute to the lives cut short by these tragedies; not to sensualize violence on screen. Out of respect for those involved, the gunmen are never shown or called by name. WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH is written to go beyond moments of silence, prayer and political parties. Film in its purest form teaches as it inspires, it stays with you. It sparks conversations and from those conversations come ideas and change. By inspiraing those conversations surrounding the importance of gun legislation and the mental health crisis happening in our country; our goal is to see laws change! Suicide and self-harm like gun violence are rising at a staggering rate. We hope by sharing our story those watching will be able to see themselves and loved ones and no longer feel isolated in their recovery. We will never know the potential that has been lost due to gun violence; WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH.

Endorsed by the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention.


Additional projects include Millennial Complex / FBI (Female Bureau Investigation) / South-ish & Single Together.

Charity & Activism

Laura’s heart for giving back has taken her around the globe from helping rebuild schools and art programs in the Bahamas & Cuba to the Czerh Republic.

Closer to home Laura is passionate about her work with Habitat for Humanity. She is a proud UNICEF NextGen Board member, along with being an ambassador for Global Green, Heal The Bay & WildAid.

Laura belief in a brighter future has always drawn her to causes supporting children and environmental causes.


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