v.9.17.2 (Sep 23, 2021)

1. Improved: "add to cart" hover buttons are now always visible on mobile devices.
2. Improved: responsiveness settings for icons were added to buttons settings in widgets. 
3. Fixed: mobile header is disappearing when Slider Revolution is used with certain settings combinations.
4. Fixed: text on buttons is not vertically centered (when big min-height is set).
5. Fixed: The7 Products Carousel is broken in the front-end with all default settings. 
6. Fixed: wrong text hover color in card widget.
Other minor improvements and fixes. 


v. (Sep 14, 2021)

Experimental code connected to buttons min-width (mistakenly released) was removed.


v.9.17.1 (Sep 14, 2021)

1. Improved: The7 WooCommerce widgets are now being displayed in the WooCommerce category.
2. Improved: role="button" attribute added to navigation in carousel widgets.
3. Improved: "Urbanist" font added to Google Fonts list.
4. Fixed: issues with import of .SVG images and custom icon fonts. 
5. Fixed: if post content is narrower than the content area, it is always centered (ignoring its alignment setting) in the Simple Posts Carousel widget. 
6. Fixed: icon alignment issue in The7 Products Sorting widget with certain settings combination.
7. Fixed: visual issues in the Products Carousel widget while scrolling on mobile devices. 
8. Fixed: PHP Deprecated notices when running PHP 8.
Other minor improvements and fixes. 


v.9.17.0 (Sep 8, 2021)

1. New: Products Carousel widget.
2. Improved: numerous improvements to Vertical Menu widget.
3. Improved: numerous improvements to Buttons widget.
4. Improved: pre-made website installation process.
5. Fixed: button height changes on hover.
6. Fixed: issue with icons alignment on the wishlist page.
7. Fixed: incorrect z-index on contact form notices.
8. Fixed: issue with resizing of single event featured image.
9. Fixed: images cropping issues in Posts Carousel on screen orientation change.
10. Fixed: simple carousel widgets are breaking with "Apply Link" and "Hover = Whole Box" settings combination. 
11. Fixed: visual issues with search widget.
12. Fixed: custom colors are not being appropriately applied to meta information in widgets. 
13. Fixed: incorrect active menu item indicator positioning in vertical menu widget with certain settings combination.
14. Fixed: incorrect default font in Icon Box widget.
15. Fixed: visual issues in the Icon Box widget when an icon is disabled.  
Other minor improvements, fixes, and under-the-hood changes. 


v.9.16.0 (Aug 18, 2021)

1. New: multifeatured The7 Buttons widget.
2. Improved: numerous settings for buttons added to The7 widgets. 
3. Improved: significant back-end performance improvements. 
4. Improved: numerous minor appearance improvements in The7 WooCommerce widgets. 
5. Improved: .SVG icons positioning in numerous widgets.
6. Improved: Rows & columns gap settings were added to The7 Products widget.
7. Fixed: "show privacy message" in DT contact form is always on. 
8. Fixed: long descriptions are casing layout issues in The7 Products widget.
9. Fixed: "nofollow" attribute removed from internal links.
10. Fixed: issue with "x" positioning in cart widget.
11. Fixed: "Allow Navigation By Url" is available for wrong pagination types in The7 post-type widgets. 
Other minor improvements, fixes, and under-the-hood changes. 


v.9.15.1 (Aug 3, 2021)

1. Fixed: Elementor Main demo, import of attachments.
2. Fixed: Simple products. Undefined index: title_words_limit.


v. (Jul 23, 2021)

1. Fixed: Elementor Main demo, import of attachments.
2. Fixed: Simple products. Undefined index: title_words_limit.


v.9.15.0 (Jul 19, 2021)

1. New: The7 Products widget.
2. New: The7 Icon Box Grid widget.
3. Improved: "The7 Simple ..." widgets settings overhauled.
4. Fixed: SVG icons styling within Elementor widgets buttons.


v.9.14.0 (Jul 9, 2021)

1. Fixed: no fade animation for .SVG icons in Accordion and Toggle widgets.
2. Fixed: toggles are opened by default.
3. Fixed: incorrect items alignment in the inline layout of Filters widget.
4. Fixed: incorrect buttons alignment in the Icon Box widget.
5. Fixed: incorrect image sizing when the width is set to 100% in all simple widgets.
6. Fixed: issues with hover timing and title font in Products Navigation widget.
7. Fixed: Fancy List element layout is broken when HTML tags are used inside.
8. Fixed: incorrect icon positioning with certain settings combination in Icon Box widget.
9. Fixed: paddings affecting the box size in the Icon Box widget. 
10. Fixed: navigation arrows in Image Carousel widget overlapping the mobile header. 
11. Fixed: color is not being applied to .SVGs used as hover icons.


v. (Jun 19, 2021)

Changes to bundled "premium" plugins per Envato request/demand.


v.9.13.0 (Jun 12, 2021)

1. New: Simple Product Carousel widget.
2. New: Simple Product Categories widget.
3. Improved: numerous improvements to the carousel widgets navigation arrows and bullets. Including responsiveness, offset, show on hover option, etc.
4. Improved: content alignment settings were added to the Simple Posts widget.
5. Improved: Masonry & Grid widget; margins and paddings in categories filter are now responsive. 
6. Fixed: issue with doubling tabs in the Product Data Tabs widget when "alignment: justified" is selected.
Other minor improvements and changes. 


v.9.12.0 (Jun 3, 2021)

1. New: "Active Filters" Elementor widget.
2. Improved: numerous improvements to WooCommerce styling. 
3. Improved: settings for box styling and content alignment were added to the "Simple Products" widget.
4. Fixed: issue with scrolling of "The7 Product Images" on mobile devices.
5. Fixed: issue with the last star having incorrect color in product reviews.
6. Fixed: issue with lightbox doubling in Hotel Booking plugin. 
Minor improvements to WPML compatibility.
Minor improvements to RTL styles. 
Numerous other minor improvements and fixes.


v.9.11.0 (May 26, 2021)

1. New: Product Filter widget for Elementor. As usual, with an insane amount of settings ;)
2. New: Simple Posts widget for Elementor.
3. New: Simple Products widget for Elementor.
4. Improved: compatibility with Polylang plugin. Note that it's still not supported OFFICIALLY,  but we'll get there... eventually :) 
5. Fixed: PHP warnings and notices in the following widgets:
- Posts Carousel;
- Testimonials Carousel.
6. Fixed: issue with the Carousel widget rollover overlay not working. 
7. Fixed: issue with scroll arrows not working in WPB Carousel shortcodes. 
8. Fixed: issue with Related Projects overlays not being clickable with certain theme options combination. 
9. Fixed: issue with Select fields height in CF7.
Other minor improvements and fixes. 


v.9.10.1 (Apr 29, 2021)

1. Improved: ensured support for the latest version of the fvm plugin.
2. Fixed: issue with disappearing product image in Products Carousel widget when using fade animation.
3. Fixed: product cart content not clickable when showOnClick option enabled.
4. Fixed: issue with shrinking thumbnails in Product Navigation widget.


v.9.10.0 (Apr 28, 2021)

1. New: "Product Navigation" Elementor widget.
2. New: "Product Price" Elementor widget.
3. Improved: "Dela Gothic One" added to the fonts list.
4. Improved: smooth scroll added to the "reviews" link on a single product page.
5. Fixed: responsiveness issues in the product rating widget.
6. Fixed: issue with "jumping" scroll with certain settings combination. 
7. Fixed: issue with header height when decreasing the browser window width.
8. Fixed: issue with incorrect styling of buttons in DT Contact Form widget.
Other minor improvements and under-the-hood changes. 


v.9.9.0 (Mar 19, 2021)

1. New: The7 Accordion & Toggle widget for Elementor.
2. New: The7 Additional Information WooCommerce widget for Elementor.
3. New: The7 Product Data Tabs WooCommerce widget for Elementor.
4. Fixed: issue with custom scrollbar being broken after jquery 3.5 migration.
5. Fixed: Elementor widgets translation does not work for Multipurpose Carousel. 
6. Fixed: the amount of products is not translatable in subcategories of WooCommerce.
7. Fixed: issue with the gap above the  Floating header in Safari.
8. Fixed: WooCommerce "Products" widget. Prices are shifted if the product title is long.
9. Fixed: Side header; the parent menu item of an active item is not being highlighted. 
10. Fixed: "/js_composer/assets/lib/flexslider/jquery.flexslider.min.js" file missing.
11. Fixed: smooth scroll not working with the side header.
12. Improved: es_ES language file updated.
13. Improved: fr_FR language file updated.


v.9.8.1 (Mar 5, 2021)

Fixed: "Expected color value in var undefined..." error.


v.9.8.0 (Mar 4, 2021)

1. Improved: new features were added to the mega menu:
- spacing between 2nd and 3rd menu level;
- show/hide menu items graphic elements on mobile devices.
2. Improved: The7 Products Carousel and The7 Masonry & Grid widgets can now display recently viewed products. 
3. Fixed: Contact Form 7 compatibility issues when FVM integration is enabled.
4. Fixed: single page imports all images from the corresponding demo.
5. Fixed: issues with smooth scroll incorrect positioning with the floating header.
6. Fixed: product short descriptions disappearing in products lists with certain settings combination. 
7. Fixed: fatal error when The7 header is disabled and Elementor header template is used.
8. Fixed: Tour Style 4 not collapsing on mobile devices. 
9. Fixed: The7 Multipurpose Carousel widget. Button alignment on the desktop is being picked up from the tablet setting.
10. Fixed: The7 Multipurpose Carousel widget. Skin setting change is not being displayed in the editor.
11. Fixed: UL/OL lists are not styled in the Elementor popup.
12. Fixed: wrong header side paddings in boxed layout.
13. Fixed: Portfolio Masonry & Grid WPBakery shortcode. Page scroll to top when using pagination.
14. Fixed: incorrect div.header-space height with certain settings combination. 
Other minor improvements and changes. 


v.9.7.2 (Feb 18, 2021)

1. Improved: styling for WooCommerce product categories.
2. Fixed: issue with the incorrect number of WooCommerce product reviews and ratings after demo import.
3. Fixed: minor visual and styling issues in WooCommerce. 
4. Fixed: UL/OL styling issues in Elementor popups.
5. Fixed: issue with header width within the boxed layout.
Other minor improvements and fixes.


v.9.7.1 (Feb 11, 2021)

1. Improved: The7 WooCommerce Masonry & Grid and Carousel widgets can now be used to display related goods. 
2. Improved: new settings were added for the WooCommerce breadcrumbs widget. 
3. Fixed: issue with the sidebars disappearing after updating the theme from old versions.
4. Fixed: issue with the smooth scroll not working on mobile devices if the header is disabled. 
5. Fixed: issue with the smooth scroll (button link) working incorrectly with side header on mobile devices. 
6. Fixed: issue with color setting not working for the active menu items in side header.
7. Fixed: issue with Multipurpose Carousel widget not displaying custom icons correctly. 
8. Fixed: issue with the FVM integration not working in IE11.
9. Fixed: issue with side menu not being disabled entirely when using microsite with the hidden header.


v.9.7.0 (Jan 23, 2021)

1. New: deep integration with Fast Velocity Minify plugin. Combined with it, even the heaviest The7-based websites get a tremendous performance boost. 
For further details, please refer to this KB article: https://support.dream-theme.com/knowledgebase/pagespeed-insight-optimization/
2. Fixed: WPBakery shortcodes "Number of posts to display on one page" setting is not working when used in Albums archives.
3. Fixed: issue with WooCommerce attributes not importing correctly when installing a pre-made website. 
4. Fixed: issue with filters not working correctly on WooCommerce categories pages.


v.9.6.0 (Jan 16, 2021)

1. New: "Post Carousel" widget was completely overhauled and modernized with new options and settings. Migration from the old version is automatic and should not require any additional set-up. However, you may want to double-check your posts carousels just in case :)
2. New: extended settings for WooCommerce appearance in Theme Options. Including:
- settings for spacings in product lists;
- typography for product widgets;
- typography for cart microwidget.
3. Improved: buttons settings from Theme Options are now available as CSS variables.
4. Updated: it_IT language files.
5. Fixed: custom primary menu settings conflicting with the "Vertical Navigation" widget.
6. Fixed: issue with incorrect width of the content section of "Tours" WPB element.
7. Fixed: WPB "Tabs" element background color conflict. 
8. Fixed: issue with duplicating notifications in Contact Form 7.


v.9.5.2 (Dec 29, 2020)

1. Fixed: issue with incorrect line heights in headers fonts on tablets and mobile devices.
2. Fixed: issue with a default box-shadow of posts in masonry widgets in "classic" layout.
3. Fixed: styling issues with WooCommerce price filter.
4. Fixed: issue when the header is totally disabled in the Theme Options, floating header will also be disabled.
5. Fixed: issue with headers missing on archive pages when Elementor templates for archives are not being created.
6. Fixed: issue with NaN values in photo-scroller classes when "lite mode" is enabled in The7 settings.
7. Fixed: issue with first anchor link leading to a wrong place on the page when there is a slideshow in the header and "header below slideshow" option is enabled.
Other minor improvements and fixes. 


v.9.5.1 (Dec 18, 2020)

WordPress 5.6 compatibility update.


v.9.5.0 (Dec 4, 2020)

1. New: long-awaited Main Elementor demo! Check it out here: https://the7.io/elementor-main/ (note that you need to update to v.9.5.0 or above to import it fully.)
2. New: Testimonials Carousel Elementor widget.
Other minor improvements and under-the-hood changes.


v.9.4.0 (Nov 30, 2020)

1. New: responsive typography options added under Theme Options > Typography. 
2. New: Theme Options typography integration with Elementor's global fonts.
3. New: option to completely disable header added to Theme Options. 
4. Improved: "Masonry" widgets can now be used for displaying the related post.
5. "Masonry" widgets fixes:
- "load more" not being hidden after all posts are being loaded;
- incorrect paddings in posts loaded by "load more" button;
- incorrect icon alignment;
- incorrect number of columns in the mobile preview mode.
6. Improved: "URL" field in "Button" microwidget was added to WPML config XML file.
7. Improved: "random" option added to products ordering in "Products Carousel" widget.
8. Improved: viewport position is being adjusted for Chrome when more posts are being loaded.
9. Fixed: latest WooCommerce version is not displaying categories in the grid. 
10. Fixed: js error in "Carousel" widgets when used in Elementor templates.
11. Fixed: "Carousel" widgets start auto slide only after a visitor scrolls them manually.
12. Fixed: CF7 "quiz" field is not turning red when it's not filled.
13. Fixed: a content area for CPTs from external plugins is no longer fullwidth.
14. Fixed: issue with "Save Options" button not being clickable in Theme Options in some instances.
15. Fixed issue with Gutenberg Block Editor: if the "Cover" block is set to "fullwidth", horizontal overflow/scrollbar appears.
16. Fixed: focus outlines in Elementor's lightbox.
17. Fixed: performance issues with multiple instances of "Masonry & Grid" widgets on the same page.
18. Updated: nl_NL language file.
Other minor improvements and fixes. 


v.9.3.1 (Oct 27, 2020)

1.New: The7 > My The7, new experimental settings added to the "Settings" section:
- lite mode (works best with Elementor);
- disable Gutenberg CSS.
2.Improved: WooCommerce templates updated to v.4.6.0.
3. Improved: RTL support.
4. Fixed: issue with SVG icons not working in Elementor Posts Grid.
5. Fixed: issue with image alignment in "classic" layout in Elementor Masonry widget.
6. Fixed: issue with the header being "cut" on iPad with certain theme options combination.
7. Fixed: Slideshow WPBakery shortcode. The "Play" button in slides with a video attached is shifted.
8. Fixed: Elementor. If Carousel widget arrows for mobile devices are set to "Leave as is", they disappear.
9. Fixed: issue with global colors in Carousel widgets.
Other minor improvements and changes.


v. (Oct 20, 2020)

1. Fixed: issue with global colors causing a fatal error when using Elementor without Elementor Pro / PRO Elements.
2. Fixed: issue with an active state of links in some Elementor widgets.
3. Fixed: issue with active menu items indication when using on-page navigation.


v.9.3.0 (Oct 17, 2020)

1. New: "Multipurpose carousel" widget for Elementor. Allows to upload/choose arbitrary image/icon; add title, text, and button. Comes with a ton of different layouts and settings :)
Improved: WPML compatibility.
2. Fixed: issue with "wide" posts breaking the mobile layout (number of columns) in the "Blog masonry & grid" element. 
3. Fixed: issue with country selector not working in the WooCommerce checkout screen. 
4. Fixed: issue with images not loading until the "load more" button is being clicked in the "Media Grid" element. 
5. Fixed: issue with the "name/date" and the "asc./desc." ordering not working in standard pagination mode in the "Portfolio" element.
Other minor improvements and under-the-hood fixes.


v.9.2.2 (Sep 23, 2020)

1. Fixed: issue with Elementor WooCommerce masonry widget when PRO Elements plugin was disabled.
2. Fixed: Full height links in menu don't work until decoration is enabled.
3. Fixed: "Cover Color Overlay" with "Accent Color" gets overridden with black (Gutenberg).
4. Fixed: fullwidth blocks do not work for custom post types (Gutenberg).
Other minor improvements and fixes.


v.9.2.1 (Sep 16, 2020)

1. Improved: focus outlines in the Elementor lightbox were hidden.
2. Fixed: issue with blog template displaying draft posts in non-ajax pagination modes.
3. Fixed (again): issues with incorrect page positioning on smooth scroll with certain floating header settings combinations. 
4. Fixed: issue with images in galleries not loading until the page is being scrolled.
5. Fixed: issue with setting transparent color as a page header background in Elementor.
6. Fixed: issue with checkout country filed overlapping floating header (WooCommerce).
7. Fixed: issue with Envato elements fatal error when importing template(s).
Other minor improvements and fixes. 


v.9.2.0 (Sep 11, 2020)

1. New: revamped demo content importer. Now features include (but are not limited to):
- option to remove the installed demo(s);
- options to "keep" select pages or entire demo (preserves content from being accidentally removed);
- quick search and tags system.
2. New: Menu selection box added to the "Elementor full-width" page template and "Header" template in the Theme Builder.
3. Improved: "Mobile floating navigation" settings set was added to the Theme Options.
4. Improved: links settings were added for Portfolio post type in the "Masonry & Grid" widget.
5. Improved: "category" archive Theme Options settings are now also being applied to "tag" archives.
6. Improved: setting to open a submenu on click (rather than on hover) added.
7. Fixed: accessibility issue with submenus on screenreaders. 
8. Fixed: Blog masonry & grid page template. Category picker not working.
9. Fixed: issue with a notice showing up when using the "Products - Masonry & Grid" widget on WooCommerce archive pages. 
10. Fixed: issue with raw HTML showing up when replying comments. 
11. Fixed: anchor navigation scrolls to the wrong position with certain header settings. 
Other minor improvements and fixes. 


v.9.1.2 (Aug 28, 2020)

Elementor v.3 compatibility update.


v.9.1.1 (Aug 11, 2020)

1. Ensured WordPress 5.5 compatibility.
2. Accessibility improvement:  added filter for the "read more" button.
3. Accessibility improvement: assigned the "role" to menu items.
4. Accessibility improvement: search button is now accessible.
5. Fixed: +/- buttons not working in the WooCommerce cart after clicking the "refresh cart" button.
6. Fixed: WooCommerce cart pop-up is not scrollable.
7. Fixed: impossible to hide cart popup on mobile devices.
8. Fixed: WooCommerce dropdown filters don't work in the collapsable sidebar on mobile devices.
9. Fixed: Stripe card icons are missing in the WooCommerce checkout.
10. Fixed: portfolio shortcode content is aligned to the left when center alignment is chosen. 
11. Fixed: issues with CF7 notices styling after plugin update.
12. Fixed: issues with Side menu open/close button with certain theme options combination.
13. Fixed: Elementor Carousel Widgets does not allow to display the full post text.
Other minor improvements and fixes. 


v.9.1.0 (Jul 16, 2020)

1. New: "Vertical Menu" Elementor Widget.
2. New: "Hide in mobile layout" option added to The7 sidebars in Elementor.
3. Improved: "Top line" header; "Transparent logo" setting added to the Theme Options > Branding.
4. Improved: "lazy loading" and "image source inlining" options added to the Elementor Image widget.
5. Fixed: if there are two "Media Masonry & Grid" elements on a page, the 2nd one picks up the number of columns from the 1st one.
6. Fixed: blue highlight appears on the next level button in the mobile menu on the mobile Chome.
7. Fixed: text selection is not visible in The7 contact form in FireFox.
8. Fixed: blog posts widget; if prev/next buttons are disabled, the "back" button is shifted to the left.
9. Fixed: WooCommerce grouped product; quantity +/- button does not work.
10. Fixed: Footer accent color is overwritten by the accent color from General Appearance.
Minor accessibility improvements. 
Other minor improvements and fixes. 


v. (Jul 14, 2020)

System messages tweaks.


v.9.0.1 (Jun 25, 2020)

1. Fixed: issue with the wrong number of columns in Masonry & Grid Elementor
2. Fixed: issue with Slider Revolution not being activated upon "Hotel" demo import.
3. Fixed: issue with private post not being displayed even for logged in users. 
4. Fixed: JS conflict with "admin-meta-box-magic.min.js" in WPBakery front-end editing mode. 


v. (Jun 18, 2020)

PRO Elements deprecation message added.


v.9.0.0 (Jun 18, 2020)

1. New: Photo Scroller Elementor widget. Great for showcasing photos and other creative work.
2. New & improved: Masonry & Grid Elementor widget complete overhaul with a plethora of new settings. 
3. New & improved: Theme Builder now works for Product pages. We have added 5 custom Product page widgets to match The7 aesthetics.
4. New & improved: numerous WooCommerce integration improvements (both in the front-end and under-the-hood).
5. New & improved: PRO features were integrated into The7 Elements plugin. PRO Elements plugin is now obsolete and can be safely removed after updating the theme and The7 Elements.
6. Improved: color settings were added to microwidgets in the floating header.
7. Improved: compatibility with various third-party plugins (MEC, RestoPress, WPML, etc.)
8. Fixed: the microwidgets area does not resize with certain theme options combination. 
9. Fixed: Portfolio Justified Grid (WPB) not working in portfolio archive templates. 
10. Fixed: issue with WPB Slideshow element breaking on orientation change event on mobile devices.
11. Fixed: issue with an incorrect image with caption alignment/interposition. 
12. Minor improvements to the theme accessibility. 
Other minor improvements and under-the-hood changes.

Virginia native, Laura Linda Bradley has been making audiences laugh since the tender age of three; where she first fell in love with the stage. Laura’s childhood was atypical, she was home-schooled while pursuing a career in musical theatre and dance. She attended NCSA before moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in TV/Film. Laura’s credits include Station 19, Poker Face, Raymond & Ray opposite Ethan Hawke, On Call & Surviving an Active Shooter for which she won her first Emmy.

Laura’s deep respect for her creative community and heart for actors inspired her to create the What’s My Frame podcast in Spring of ’20. Now with over 100 episodes, the podcast is one of the most prolific resources for actors. Her diverse collection of guests shed light on the creative conversations and business decisions that bring to life the industry. Each episode showcases an artist’s contributions, essential in creating a collective piece of art like film.

Outside of acting, Laura dedicates a considerable amount of time to her involvement with SAG-AFTRA. Laura was first encouraged to run in the ’18 SAG-AFTRA election by her mentor Jason George (Station 19). Through her years of union service, Laura’s passion for actor rights has only grown. She currently sits on numerous national committees, contributing her insight and experiences as a young working actor to pave the way for the next generation of artists.

What's My Frame
Season 5

A Title to Turn the Visitor Into a Lead

This is your chance to emphasize why
the visitor should contact you right now.

Each episode features long-form conversations with Casting Directors, Writers, Directors, Show-runners, Costume Designers, Actors, Choreographers, & Executives/Producers.

While our industry is extremely creative, it is a business. Knowledge is power, the more actors understand the business the more they can take hat insight and focus on their craft

Featured In

On the morning of April 16th 2007 the Virginia Tech campus was forever changed. Thirty-two students and faculty were killed; seventeen were injured, and countless lives were forever changed by a single gunman. This is our story.

What happens after the news has moved onto the next headline? The next tragedy... WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH is based on the true story of one of the largest mass shootings in history. WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH spans from shortly before the campus massacre in Spring '07 to shortly after the Uvalde elementary shooting in Spring '22. This six part limited series is inspired by real events and true stories. It is written to spotlight the important and very current issues in our society surrounding gun laws and mass shootings. To fully articulate how personal everyone's experience with grief is and to fully illustrate these character's journeys; pivotal moments of our story are shown in flashbacks from each character's personal experience. WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH is written to pay tribute to the lives cut short by these tragedies; not to sensualize violence on screen. Out of respect for those involved, the gunmen are never shown or called by name. WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH is written to go beyond moments of silence, prayer and political parties. Film in its purest form teaches as it inspires, it stays with you. It sparks conversations and from those conversations come ideas and change. By inspiraing those conversations surrounding the importance of gun legislation and the mental health crisis happening in our country; our goal is to see laws change! Suicide and self-harm like gun violence are rising at a staggering rate. We hope by sharing our story those watching will be able to see themselves and loved ones and no longer feel isolated in their recovery. We will never know the potential that has been lost due to gun violence; WE ARE VIRGINIA TECH.

Endorsed by the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention.


Additional projects include Millennial Complex / FBI (Female Bureau Investigation) / South-ish & Single Together.

Charity & Activism

Laura’s heart for giving back has taken her around the globe from helping rebuild schools and art programs in the Bahamas & Cuba to the Czerh Republic.

Closer to home Laura is passionate about her work with Habitat for Humanity. She is a proud UNICEF NextGen Board member, along with being an ambassador for Global Green, Heal The Bay & WildAid.

Laura belief in a brighter future has always drawn her to causes supporting children and environmental causes.


Contact Us


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Sunset Fire

Atlanta Team

Dawn & George Landrum