Emmy winning actress Laura Linda Bradley has captured the hearts of film and stage audiences alike with her range of roles and characters. Best known for her wit and charm she brings to her comedic roles. Laura has also created a number of complex and deeply moving charters, including Lori in Surviving An Active Shooter for which she won an Emmy. 

Outside of her writing career, Laura is a successful actress, RAYMOND & RAY (Apple+), POKER FACE (Peacock), WEDDING SEASON (Hulu) & PERRY MASON (HBO) are just a few recent projects. Often compared to a young Amy Polher or Mindy Kaling, Laura has expanded her career by writing and creating strong female lead projects. Her next project Female Bureau of Investigation, starts filming this Spring with a fully female principle cast.  

A Virginia native, Laura graduated with honors from the prestigious NCSA & The Virginia School of the Arts before moving to Los Angeles. 

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